Not long ago I noticed that I have a natural inclination towards researching topics that deal with digital and cyber matters. I always liked playing videogames. I like cyberwarfare and hybrid warfare topics. I’ve always been intrigued by aspects of digital economy – a very important element when reading current trends in globalisation and global affairs. Even now, while I am serving in the army, my daily duties in the East Mediterranean sea are linked to electronic warfare. Could this be digital fate?

With so many digital assets around, it wouldn’t be insane to actually see more and more websites using their own tokens in the future

To be fair, what I would really like is to allow myself to express more by talking about broader topics which are not directly related to the hard core of international relations. My collaboration with my colleague and friend Paris Hiotis, a promising behavioural researcher and founder of Behavioural Economics Greece provoked even more thoughts. While it is great to concentrate on one thing at a time, I firmly believe that some people, myself included, work better when they let all of their thoughts simply flow. I often imagine my process like a watermill: as long as I pour just enough thoughts for me to process efficiently, the flow of researching, writing, strategizing and promoting improves.

My chaotic thought process

In this section you will find my wildest thoughts and notes on IR, investing and digital assets. Short posts? Great! A Manifesto on digital assets and their role in society and International Political Economy? Terrific! I like having the personal freedom of simply sharing something that I find interesting, or simply submit a meme or a book review. This is exactly the place for that. Lets be free here and let the thoughts come by themselves!

– Alexandros Sainidis