The Sustainable Development Game

We have talked about videogames. But videogames are not to be confused with Game Theory in social and political sciences.

Four Football Games that Made History For All the Wrong Reasons

By Nickolaos Angelis It is commonly said that Football is more than just a game. That’s because team sports often offer an intense emotional experience. In support of that claim, an important motive behind the participation in an association is the need to identify with a certain group of people which reflects the experiencing background of … Continue reading Four Football Games that Made History For All the Wrong Reasons

Announcement: Behavioural Economics Greece

If you are interested in economics and psychology, there is a growing Hellenic community of Behavioural Economics enthusiasts that you can join. Among researchers and students, some members of the Pecunia et Bellum team are actively participating in this project. We believe that it is crucial to promote this form of dialogue in Greece, especially … Continue reading Announcement: Behavioural Economics Greece

The Academic Currency

One of the trends we see in modern learning is condensed science. Be it in school, university or YouTube, we tend to explain, or be provided knowledge “in a nutshell”. It sounds convenient. My own Grandfather, an architect wishes it was possible to transfer knowledge with ease. “So much knowledge. It is a pity that … Continue reading The Academic Currency