For those who studied Latin the meaning of Pecunia et Bellum is clear: Wealth and Warfare. Yet it is also clear in the eyes of a military strategy scholar or even a John Wick fan. Si vis pacem para bellum or “If you want peace, prepare for War” by Vegetius. Everything about International Relations, Political Economy and Grand Strategy. A blog created by Alexandros Sainidis.


Pecunia regina mundi

Because Thucydides once said that History is a Cycle

War is an ancient social phenomenon. So is the notion of a state’s national interest and so are mercenaries.

Pecunia et Bellum. is all about today

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Grand Strategy

Not simply military strategy. Economic and diplomatic resources can be crucial to achieve victory. Click here

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Political Economy

Economy isn’t about numbers. Economy is also about society, laws and inevitably politics.

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International Relations

How do states compare against each other? What are the the rules states choose to implement among each other. Power, diplomacy and culture.

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