Pecunia et Bellum (Wealth and War) is your new companion to International Relations. In the age of news and spam, confusion thrives. Consequently, numerous news agencies point out that they deliver information and data of the highest quality. Many of those agencies actively fight the spread of fake news. Other websites concentrate on providing opinions and analyses by experts in International Studies. Thanks to the gift of polyphony, there is a spectrum of opinions voiced, covering every angle, and consequently one of them is usually a correct interpretation of events or an accurate prediction. The problem arises when one realises that it is not always the same expert who is correct. Can Theory of International Relations develop critical thinking and improve quality of analysis?




The name of our page was inspired by Vegetius' statement: "Si vis pacem para bellum" (Translation: If you want peace, prepare for war). Later, during the last year of my undergraduate studies I came across something Paul Kennedy had written: that military might is needed in order to protect your wealth. Hence, a mix of those two gave birth to, in my opinion, a catchy title: "Pecunia et Bellum"

- Alexandros Sainidis

Political Instinct requires strong fundaments

The essence of International Relations can be represented by three main pillars. This is not a museum; it is permitted to touch artifacts. Feel free to click on the one you find the most interesting!

Order and Rationality

How do political norms and rules of International Law form the current International Order?

International Trade and Economics

What are the main challenges created by a combination of increased globalisation and regionalism?

Grand Strategy

What political goals does a Nation-State want to achieve and how?

Pecunia et Bellum is about creating long term value

The complexity of International Affairs requires meticulous analysis and deserves writing slow-cooked content. While news become “olds” fast, prioritising quality over quantity is the best strategy.
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The relations between Russia and Turkey may prove to be one of the biggest sources of instability in the current International System. Given the events of 2020, it is important to observe this dynamic with special attention to detail and history.

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Polyglossary of International Studies

Balance of Powers or Hedging? In International Studies terms must be used with knowledge, confidence and intuition.

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