Can Video Games Make Wars Less Atrocious?

Final Fantasy Tactics games are a good influence regarding International Humanitarian Law

To feel like a State

Lv 2: This post is a part of my Video Games series. Humans have the capacity to be empathetic. Personally I am even more empathetic when it comes to a videogame character I am invested in. Regardless if you can read between the lines of world politics or not, we all have the ability to … Continue reading To feel like a State

Lv 1: Games and International Relations

When it comes to world politics it is typically said that there is no room for fun and games. Peace, public health, the economy and the climate are at stake, requiring delicate handling. Games, on the other hand, are usually associated with children. One could characterize childhood as a free trial to a premium membership … Continue reading Lv 1: Games and International Relations