Soft-Power and the concept of ‘Mosaic Diplomacy’.

International politics could be compared to a mosaic which depicts power, both hard and soft.

Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures

Presented by Alexandros Sainidis This post is part of the Jigsaw series where we share enlightening excerpts we find in books. Some words and ideas are more impactful when expressed by their writers, as they are. When I was a child, my mother would often say that mathematics is the global language – not English. … Continue reading Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures

The conflict between Law and Power in Ukraine

By Stefanos Michelakakis, George Monopatis and Alexandros Sainidis Think of International Law as a set of rules that bind the states which have signed them. In many cases there are conventions that almost all the countries of the International Community are member-states of. These include the United Nations charter, the provisions of which are the … Continue reading The conflict between Law and Power in Ukraine