The Chronicle of the Catalan Question

By Maria Giannakopoulou, The right of a people to self-determination is a striking and of highest importance right in the domain of modern international law. Going back to history, we spot the first time of its reference during the Westphalian Era, when the first European states as known today begun taking shape and appeared determined … Continue reading The Chronicle of the Catalan Question

The Oil Weapon

  Prior to the dawn of the previous century, the world had already witnessed embargos, ranging from the Megarian decree to the Embargo act of 1807. What defined the trade disputes and embargos of the 20th century, however, was the use of oil; linked to electricity, fuel and more. Oil is a source of revenue, … Continue reading The Oil Weapon

The Battleship Bismarck

Most people would associate the name “Bismarck” with the father of Germany as the country we know today, Otto von Bismarck. In many instances, communities name streets, squares, institutions and their arsenal after historic figures and Bismarck was no exception. During the Second World War the Nazi Germans deployed their biggest Battleship named after the … Continue reading The Battleship Bismarck