The Tigrayan Conflict

In the present, Ethiopia is experiencing a bloody civil war between the Federal Government and the state of Tigray.

In need of reliable neighbours

By Nickolaos Angelis The “holy” relationship between the two Nations dates back to ancient times, when, during the epoch of the Maccabean wars against the Syrian yoke, the relations between Sparta and Judaea were renewed. This time the initiative was taken by the successful brother of Judas, Jonathan, in the last years of his reign … Continue reading In need of reliable neighbours

The Kurdish Strategic Impasse and Deir ez-Zor

By Nickolaos Angelis Since the beginning of the war in Syria, the Kurds have opposed Assad by fighting in eastern Syria against the Syrian army in both Hasakah and Qamishly. An example of Kurdish participation in the war was the “Northern Sun Battalion on the side of the anti-regime Free Syrian Army, which played a … Continue reading The Kurdish Strategic Impasse and Deir ez-Zor