The World after a Week – April 26, 2020

Excuse me for the delay, bad timing with work/days off 😉

President Donald Trump suspended Green Card applications for the next, at least, 60 days. This tactic is used to protect American workers from foreign competition, stemming from legal migration.

Iranian authorities reported lauching a military grade satellite into orbit. It is worth noting that the ability to launch a setellite is similar to lauching a rocket at its fullest range.

At last, a new government has been formed in Israel, something that took about three elections within a year. The elections are accompanied with a deal: Binyamin Netanyahu will lead for 18 months. Then, power will be taken over by Benny Gantz

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean dictator is suspected to be either ill or dead, since the moment he missed the annual ceremony to commemorate his grandfather’s birthday.

Pro-Chinese authorities in Hong Kong arrested 15 pro-democracy activists, effectively violating Hong Kong’s Basic Law, which has a constitutional character.

In an attemp to tighten the grip around the South China Sea, China announced the establishment of two districts, “Xisha” and “Nasha”, which are Chinese words for the Paracel and the Spratly islands. This is a controversial move, as other parties also claim the islands of the region, with the most important one being Vietnam.

As Argentina’s financial ability diminishes, the government asked its creditors to accept big losses in the value of the bonds they are holding.

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