The World after a Week: April 19, 2020

In Eastern Ukraine, Russian and Ukraine-backed separatists exchanged prisoners (38 in total) for the first time in 2020, keeping the Minsk Protocol in one piece for the time being,

Saudi Arabia offered to raise $7 billion in Bond sale in order to deal with the current spending gap.

Partial relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in Iran, allowing some government offices to operate with the exception of the ones in the province of Tehran.

Huge win for the ruling party in South Korea, with 163 of 300 seats won by President Moon. The victory is attributed to the way that the government handled the Covid-19 crisis.

The International Monetary Fund provided debt relief to 25 countries, in order to help them cope with the coronavirus.

Fighting in Yemen continues despite a “corona-ceasefire” taking place.

The United States cut World Health Organisation funding, as a response for it being to closely affiliated to China.

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Alexandros Sainidis

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