The Economics Aversion in Humanitarian Science

Even if we discard the tools offered by the discipline of economics, the larger problem lays in the inability to use quantitative methods that are native to politics.

The Chronicle of the Catalan Question

By Maria Giannakopoulou, The right of a people to self-determination is a striking and of highest importance right in the domain of modern international law. Going back to history, we spot the first time of its reference during the Westphalian Era, when the first European states as known today begun taking shape and appeared determined … Continue reading The Chronicle of the Catalan Question

Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures

Presented by Alexandros Sainidis This post is part of the Jigsaw series where we share enlightening excerpts we find in books. Some words and ideas are more impactful when expressed by their writers, as they are. When I was a child, my mother would often say that mathematics is the global language – not English. … Continue reading Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures