The World After a Week – December 22, 2019

After four year old long game of chess, the Democrats seem to be closer than ever to Donald’s Trump impeachment. Nonetheless, to make sure that impeachment has indeed taken place, “the House has to communicate it to the Senate” (more).

Two Chinese diplomats, who are suspected of spying were expelled from the United States, after entering a military base in Virginia (more).

Large protests in Thailand against the oppressive tactics of the current government (more).

The US imposes sanctions on the construction of European – Russian natural gas pipeline, Nord Stream 2 (more).

The British House of the Commons passes a bill which constitutes an important step towards leaving the European Union (more).

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Alexandros Sainidis

I am an International Relations Analyst and the creator of the blog Pecunia et Bellum. I have studied International, European and Area Studies at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. I am a bilingual Russian speaker and I am currently learning Mandarin in order to gain a deeper understanding of the current International Affairs in Eurasia.

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