In need of reliable neighbours

By Nickolaos Angelis The “holy” relationship between the two Nations dates back to ancient times, when, during the epoch of the Maccabean wars against the Syrian yoke, the relations between Sparta and Judaea were renewed. This time the initiative was taken by the successful brother of Judas, Jonathan, in the last years of his reign … Continue reading In need of reliable neighbours

The World after a Week: May 3, 2020

Although a government was, at last, formed in Israel, Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to face the decision of the Supreme Court regarding the charges against him. If the prime minister, suspected of corruption, is unlucky, the Court’s decision will trigger another round of elections. It appears that in order to reduce OPEC’s oil … Continue reading The World after a Week: May 3, 2020

The Sociopolitical Pathogen

By Angeliki Martinou In 1918, the world faced a pandemic, the ‘Spanish flu’, of origin geographically still unidentifiable. A century later, SARS-CoV-2, originating from China, became a worldwide health emergency. In March 2020, the WHO officially declared Covid-19 a pandemic, urging countries all over the world to take a “whole of government, whole of society … Continue reading The Sociopolitical Pathogen

The World After a Week December 8, 2019

Diplomacy and Russia: – Bulgarian diplomat expelled from Russia in tit-for-tat move after Sofia asked the Kremlin to recall a diplomat under suspicion of espionage. Bulgaria also declined granting visa to a Russian defense attache (basically an ambassador). Given the strong cultural ties and energy relations between the two countries, this response of Bulgaria causes … Continue reading The World After a Week December 8, 2019

The World After a Week November 17, 2019

Evo Morales, the Bolivian leader, lost power and sought asylum in Mexico. An interim government is currently in charge. The Brazilian embassy in Venezuela is occupied by Guaido supporters. Chilean protests are paving the way for a referendum in 2020 on whether the citizens of Chile want a new constitution. Spanish elections: Left still governs, … Continue reading The World After a Week November 17, 2019