Making sense of Abenomics

Understanding the basics of a popular economic trend

Papyrus Review of Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

📜 If I had to rewrite the whole book on a singe papyrus scroll, which parts would I keep? By Alexandros Sainidis Why is this book beneficial for those interested in International Relations? Because by nature we are generalists. We study the biggest social actors, states and international organisations, which cover enormous parts of Earth’s … Continue reading Papyrus Review of Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World

Interview with former Syrian Diplomat, Danny Albaaj

In this first interview by Pecunia et Bellum, we discussed sensitive political and geopolitical matters with Dany Albaaj, a former Syrian Diplomat who witnessed the changes in Syria first hand. We note that the views or calculations expressed by the interviewee do not in any way reflect the opinions of the Pecunia et Bellum team members, individually or collectively.

De Macron

How Macron took lessons from de Gaulle’s Playbook

Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures

Presented by Alexandros Sainidis This post is part of the Jigsaw series where we share enlightening excerpts we find in books. Some words and ideas are more impactful when expressed by their writers, as they are. When I was a child, my mother would often say that mathematics is the global language – not English. … Continue reading Jigsaw: The Power of Pictures

For the sake of the Fourth

‘Oer the land of the free and the home of the brave’ A different 4th of July emerges, with President Biden presenting the U.S. and his leadership as winners, moving forward unmasked and with confidence. The current President’s goal has been to get approximately 2/3 of the American population vaccinated by this time. The initial … Continue reading For the sake of the Fourth

To feel like a State

Lv 2: This post is a part of my Video Games series. Humans have the capacity to be empathetic. Personally I am even more empathetic when it comes to a videogame character I am invested in. Regardless if you can read between the lines of world politics or not, we all have the ability to … Continue reading To feel like a State

The Tigrayan Conflict

In the present, Ethiopia is experiencing a bloody civil war between the Federal Government and the state of Tigray.

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How does the system function? An interpretation of the current world order.

Understanding how the international system functions remains a rather confusing task mainly because the world order constitutes a dynamic field, the features of which are under constant change. This is due to the fact that the international system is the output of the perpetual interaction of countless actors, factors and parameters. In the effort to … Continue reading How does the system function? An interpretation of the current world order.

The Academic Currency

One of the trends we see in modern learning is condensed science. Be it in school, university or YouTube, we tend to explain, or be provided knowledge “in a nutshell”. It sounds convenient. My own Grandfather, an architect wishes it was possible to transfer knowledge with ease. “So much knowledge. It is a pity that … Continue reading The Academic Currency

Escalation in the Middle-East: The Assassination of Qassim Suleimani

By Mubbashir Hussain An unprecedented and expectedly very consequential event took place outside the Baghdad Airport on the third morning of the year 2020. Major General Qassim Suleimani, Commander of Quds Force of Iranian Revolutionay Guard Corps, was killed in a missile attack. According to a Pentagon statement, the attack was carried out at the … Continue reading Escalation in the Middle-East: The Assassination of Qassim Suleimani

The Oil Weapon

  Prior to the dawn of the previous century, the world had already witnessed embargos, ranging from the Megarian decree to the Embargo act of 1807. What defined the trade disputes and embargos of the 20th century, however, was the use of oil; linked to electricity, fuel and more. Oil is a source of revenue, … Continue reading The Oil Weapon

The World After a Week – November 24, 2019

Pope visited Thailand, the most heavily Bhuddist country (more). Russia returned naval vessels which were captured during the Kerch Strait incident. The Ukrainian navy reported that three of the vessels were vandalized by Russians (more). Google will prevent advertisers from targetiing election ads using data containing public voter records and general political affiliations (more). Microsoft … Continue reading The World After a Week – November 24, 2019

China: The Challenger

By George Monopatis It is common knowledge in international fora that China is the number 2 power in the international system. However, the tricky part consists of identifying the means of achieving the status of a world order challenger. Perhaps the straightforward answer to this question derives from the country’s geography. In a geopolitical sense … Continue reading China: The Challenger