Understanding the Digital Euro

How does an International Relations analyst perceive the Digital Euro?

The Sociopolitical Pathogen

By Angeliki Martinou In 1918, the world faced a pandemic, the ‘Spanish flu’, of origin geographically still unidentifiable. A century later, SARS-CoV-2, originating from China, became a worldwide health emergency. In March 2020, the WHO officially declared Covid-19 a pandemic, urging countries all over the world to take a “whole of government, whole of society … Continue reading The Sociopolitical Pathogen

The Oil Weapon

  Prior to the dawn of the previous century, the world had already witnessed embargos, ranging from the Megarian decree to the Embargo act of 1807. What defined the trade disputes and embargos of the 20th century, however, was the use of oil; linked to electricity, fuel and more. Oil is a source of revenue, … Continue reading The Oil Weapon

US-China Trade Deal: a Big Step for Global Economy, a Rather Small Step for Global Stability

We can gather from many developments around the world that tension manifests itself with many forms in the international spectrum. Wars of different kind and scale, conflicts based on various reasons all reflect an underlying systemic change. This geopolitical condition, as Graham Allison states, is associated in theory with the phenomenon of ‘transitional friction’ and … Continue reading US-China Trade Deal: a Big Step for Global Economy, a Rather Small Step for Global Stability

India: A Distant Country with a Nearby Market

Most of the products we use in our daily lives have either been manufactured have passed through an intermediate stage in China. It is no longer surprising that, for example, Greek souvenir statues have the inscription ‘Made in China’ underneath their feet. It is simply cost effective to manufacture in China. It would on the … Continue reading India: A Distant Country with a Nearby Market

Do it for Sturgeon

A Brief of an older article What could possibly be the link between caviar and natural gas going to Europe? Simple – Russians love both. In fact one of Russia’s provinces, Dagestan is dependent on the production of caviar from Caspian surgeon. However hypocritical may it sound, a pipeline from Turkmenistan leading to the European … Continue reading Do it for Sturgeon