The world after a week 3/11/2019

In case you were too busy these days to follow the news.

United States impose new sanctions on Iran but waivers other existing ones

Oil price rose by 4%

Mass anti-government demonstrations in Iraq. Protests in Lebanon and Chile

The Islamic State claims responsibility for the killing of 53 millitants in Mali

Turkey and Russia hold joint patrol in Northeast Syria

“Sovereign Internet” in Russia – things are becoming stricter

New need to make a free trade agreement between Europe and India

Spain is to host U.N. climate talks in December

African Development Bank approves capital boost of 125%

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Alexandros Sainidis

I am an International Relations Analyst and the creator of the blog Pecunia et Bellum. I have studied International, European and Area Studies at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. I am a bilingual Russian speaker and I am currently learning Mandarin in order to gain a deeper understanding of the current International Affairs in Eurasia.

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