To feel like a State

Lv 2: This post is a part of my Video Games series. Humans have the capacity to be empathetic. Personally I am even more empathetic when it comes to a videogame character I am invested in. Regardless if you can read between the lines of world politics or not, we all have the ability to … Continue reading To feel like a State

Is There Really a Power Void in the Middle East?

The approval of Turkey’s code-named Operation Peace Spring in north-eastern Syria by the United States, highlighted a strident contention of numerous Foreign Policy analysts on the basis of which the United States has ceased to be the preponderant force in the Middle East. The overemphasized passivity of the United States towards Turkey’s aggression and overall … Continue reading Is There Really a Power Void in the Middle East?

China: The Challenger

By George Monopatis It is common knowledge in international fora that China is the number 2 power in the international system. However, the tricky part consists of identifying the means of achieving the status of a world order challenger. Perhaps the straightforward answer to this question derives from the country’s geography. In a geopolitical sense … Continue reading China: The Challenger