The World After a Week December 8, 2019

Diplomacy and Russia: – Bulgarian diplomat expelled from Russia in tit-for-tat move after Sofia asked the Kremlin to recall a diplomat under suspicion of espionage. Bulgaria also declined granting visa to a Russian defense attache (basically an ambassador). Given the strong cultural ties and energy relations between the two countries, this response of Bulgaria causes … Continue reading The World After a Week December 8, 2019

The World After a Week – November 24, 2019

Pope visited Thailand, the most heavily Bhuddist country (more). Russia returned naval vessels which were captured during the Kerch Strait incident. The Ukrainian navy reported that three of the vessels were vandalized by Russians (more). Google will prevent advertisers from targetiing election ads using data containing public voter records and general political affiliations (more). Microsoft … Continue reading The World After a Week – November 24, 2019

China: The Challenger

By George Monopatis It is common knowledge in international fora that China is the number 2 power in the international system. However, the tricky part consists of identifying the means of achieving the status of a world order challenger. Perhaps the straightforward answer to this question derives from the country’s geography. In a geopolitical sense … Continue reading China: The Challenger

Do it for Sturgeon

A Brief of an older article What could possibly be the link between caviar and natural gas going to Europe? Simple – Russians love both. In fact one of Russia’s provinces, Dagestan is dependent on the production of caviar from Caspian surgeon. However hypocritical may it sound, a pipeline from Turkmenistan leading to the European … Continue reading Do it for Sturgeon