Soft-Power and the concept of ‘Mosaic Diplomacy’.

International politics could be compared to a mosaic which depicts power, both hard and soft.

Pomaks: the Misunderstood within the Greek Muslim Minority

By Nickolaos Angelis Dealing with minority issues around the world definitely sparks the interest of various readers. Many are curious to learn about the indigenous peoples. The natives. The people who used to live in their ancestral homes before they were “discovered”. Ranging from the S├ími (Lapps) of Scandinavia to the Aborigines of Oceania, the … Continue reading Pomaks: the Misunderstood within the Greek Muslim Minority

Announcement: Behavioural Economics Greece

If you are interested in economics and psychology, there is a growing Hellenic community of Behavioural Economics enthusiasts that you can join. Among researchers and students, some members of the Pecunia et Bellum team are actively participating in this project. We believe that it is crucial to promote this form of dialogue in Greece, especially … Continue reading Announcement: Behavioural Economics Greece